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About The Bee Sisters

Are you really sisters?

Of course we are.

Are you really beekeepers?

Yes, our father started over 30 years ago.  We've grown up with it and it's only natural that we continue the craft.

Where do you keep your bees?

Our hives are located near Austin, TX and in the Central Texas Hill Country.

How important are honey bees?

Don't get us started!  To put it simply, everything we eat (and everything that what we eat eats) depends on bees to pollenate plants and produce fruit, grains, nuts, and vegetables.  No pollination = no crops.  Honey bees are responsible for one of every four bites of food you eat. For more information and to learn how to help save the bee population, check out

Are your soaps really that good?

Every soap we make is artisan handcrafted, we enjoy the expected minor variations in color and shape. We've been making and using our homemade soaps for years and haven't found any better. The secret is in our high quality ingredients. We will not settle for anything less than the best and it shows in the final product. 100% essential oils are used and no artificial ingredients are added.